Saturday, February 1, 2020

Review of "Elektra Lux," DVD version

Review of

Elektra Lux, DVD version

Five out of five stars

 The main plotline stars Carla Gugino as Elektra Luxx, a former porn star that is now teaching a community education class to women where she is teaching them to perform as a porn star in bed. It is an interesting premise, for the operational life of a porn star is very limited and they generally have to find another line of work when they can no longer perform for the camera. This thread is further complicated by the fact that Elektra is pregnant, and she is forced to make plans on how she will act as a parent.

 There are several supporting characters in the movie, one of my favorites is the young man that makes online videos where he describes the work of Elektra. He is serious and professional in front of the cameras until young women interfere, from that point it is comical.

 Other characters are the private detective trying to recover some music scores that feature Elektra, a woman that has cheated on her husband and wants Elektra to seduce her husband so that she can catch them and even the score, that woman’s husband, a famous author and a teen girl. Two other characters are female roommates that have an odd relationship that goes from BFF to sexual.

 Some of the dialog is so deep that I had to go back and view the scenes again in order to fully understand what was said. It was impressive by itself to say nothing for a movie based on a life in porn that could have been tawdry. It is funny, deeply serious and at times very moving. Especially when Elektra is talking about her concerns when she has to tell her child about her life in adult films.

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