Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Review of "Henry V: A Shakespeare Story," by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross

Review of

Henry V: A Shakespeare Story, by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross ISBN 9781626866928

Five out of five stars

 This book is both an introduction to one of Shakespeare’s best plays as well as a history lesson of the political relationship between England and France during the time he held the English throne. Since Henry V is considered one of the best military leaders of medieval Europe, he took control of a large part of continental France, Henry V was also a popular, patriotic play.

 The level of the text is that of the late elementary school student and is profusely and simply illustrated. There are no quotes from the play. It could serve as the lead-in to a section on the history of Europe and how there was a chance that Britain and France would become a single country. Had Henry not died at an early age, that is very possible. Given the destruction of the wars between Britain and France, this would have had enormous consequences for European history.

 I enjoyed this book and consider it a superb introduction to a significant Shakespearean play.

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