Monday, February 24, 2020

Review of "Ben and Me," by Robert Lawson

Review of

Ben and Me, by Robert Lawson ISBN 0316517305

Five out of five stars

Benjamin Franklin was a first rate scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, author and an editor among other things. The premise of this novel is a unique one, namely that many of his ideas were actually those of Amos, an intelligent and literate mouse that resided in Franklin’s fur hat. The story is presented as being narrated by Amos and while he is clearly very fond of Franklin and Franklin of him, their relationship is not without stress and occasional conflict.

 It is an amusing story and steps through many of the actual events in Franklin’s life. There is also the undercurrent of the social stratification of vermin, from those associated with French royalty to those that reside on John Paul Jones’ warship. This book is a good way to be introduced to the achievements of the great American Benjamin Franklin.

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