Friday, January 11, 2019

Review of "Vertical Worlds Coloring Book," by Abi Daker

Review of
Vertical Worlds Coloring Book, by Abi Daker ISBN 9781419722707

Five out of five stars
 The coloring book for adults contains a set of very detailed images, they are vertical expressions of objects that nearly all readers will have some familiarity with. For example, there are cross-sections of a submarine and ocean liner, a vertically expressed sequence of contiguous farms, a greenhouse, a department store, an office building and a train station.
 To color the images well, you will need a steady hand and tools with very fine points. For many of the regions that are to be a different color than what is contiguous are small and have an irregular shape. If you like a coloring project that is challenging to your artistic abilities as well as your manual dexterity, this is a book for you. With 27 images in the book, you will be busy for some time.

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