Thursday, January 17, 2019

Review of "Charlie’s Angels," DVD version

Review of
Charlie’s Angels, DVD version

Three out of five stars
 This movie is completely over the top when it comes to the special effects action scenes. They are so outlandish in possibility that they reach the level of being cartoonish. While the three “Angels” follow the idea behind James Bond of being capable of doing everything from driving a race car to climbing buildings to flying a helicopter, the fight scenes are Kung Fu in nature with wild twists, turns and hits that violate the laws of physics applied to the human form.
 The story is also not that great, the premise is that a set of two rings containing the encrypted information regarding the people in the federal witness protection program is sought by the evil characters. They will stop at nothing to acquire them and so everyone associated with the attempt to acquire or retain them is at risk.
 One of the male opponents of the Angels is some form of super being whose powers are never explained. While he is a superb physical specimen, that would not protect him from being injured by fire. The dialog is also rather simplistic, and cliché ridden, there are many times when it is easy to anticipate what will be said and done. The film reaches the point where it becomes tedious and boring if you are not seduced by the wild action scenes.

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