Friday, January 18, 2019

Review of "Pencil Games and Puzzles"

Review of
Pencil Games and Puzzles

Five out of five stars
 This short booklet contains puzzles in very familiar genres, but still are challenging. For example, there are word ladders, where one three-letter word is transformed into another by performing three one-letter replacements where each intermediate stage is also a word. There are checker puzzles where the reader is to find a quick victory, riddles, a secret message in a matrix of letters and a cryptogram.
 There are also several missing letter problems, where the name of an animal is to be entered to make a series of valid words, a few math puzzles and some partial limericks where the reader is to fill in the last line.
 If you are a fan of simple, yet difficult puzzles and challenges, this short pamphlet will force you to expend significant mental effort if you are to solve them. Solutions to all are included.

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