Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Review of "Images of Modern America: Cedar Rapids," Mark Stoffer Hunter and Caitlin Treece

Review of
Images of Modern America: Cedar Rapids, Mark Stoffer Hunter and Caitlin Treece ISBN 9781467111805

Five out of five stars
As a lifelong resident of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, most of the references were familiar to me. In fact, they caused many memories to be revisited. The book contains a series of color images with extensive explanatory captions, which are needed.
 The entries are generally grouped by subject, for example those in industry, churches, schools, parks, arts, retail and restaurants. There is a powerful theme of dramatic change, the downtown area was once a vibrant shopping experience, the majority of the large stores are now gone. Cedar Rapids was once a significant industrial center, many, if not most of those businesses are now also gone, or at minimum dramatically restructured.
 Yet, the city survives and thrives, for there are new and different businesses moving into the area, the spirit of entrepreneurship is still a powerful force in the city. As can be seen from the images with newer dates.

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