Sunday, January 6, 2019

Review of "The Ugly Truth," DVD version

Review of
The Ugly Truth, DVD version

Four out of five stars
 This movie has some great dialogue that throws a lot of the political correctness guidelines (rules) out of the way. It is a love story, but one that moves in opposite directions before the two principals make what is clear very early possible, that they will end up together.
Katharine Heigl stars as Abby, a television producer that takes her control freak nature everywhere she goes, including her dating with men. Gerard Butler is Mike, a television star known for his obnoxious, cynical and controversial attitudes towards the relationships between men and women. Desperate for an improvement in the ratings of a show Abby produces called “The Ugly Truth,” Mike is hired by the station to be a  part of the show. An action that sets her off, for she knows what Mike’s approach is.
 Mike is an immediate hit with the audience and the ratings take off, frustrating the straight-laced Abby. This starts a series of events where they cooperate in the show and in helping Abby date her attractive neighbor that is a physician. This movie is made by the dialogue, which is quite refreshing in an age when political correctness sometimes overrules what is funny and appropriate, given the context. There is only a brief scene of male nudity from the back and none else was really needed. There is some harsh language, but it never takes the form of being used just to use it. This is a love story that both genders can enjoy as both sides are represented.

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