Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Review of "Immerse Yourself in A World of Creativity: Patterns Relax Rewind Recharge"

Review of
Immerse Yourself in A World of Creativity: Patterns Relax Rewind Recharge

Five out of five stars
 This collection of images for adult coloring are expressions of a wide variety of objects. Therefore, some are simpler, with larger and repeated regions. For example, there is the image of bamboo poles, they are vertical and offset repeating.  Another one features a series of circles, all of the same diameter and with six points of tangency to each other.
 Others are far more complex, requiring a very steady hand and a fine point on the pencil. There is one that has images of hand-cranked gramophones, the horns are covered with multiple very fine detailed non-symmetric patterns. Making them very challenging to fill as well as selecting the colors to use for the proper contrast.
 Sound research has demonstrated that coloring complex images is an excellent relaxation technique, so good that it is an effective therapy for many people. If you need therapy or just want a challenging way to pass the time, this book will give you hours of your desired result. One aspect of this book that is a bit different is that the left pages are blank.

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