Friday, January 11, 2019

Review of "The Mandala Coloring Book Volume II," by Jim Gogarty

Review of
The Mandala Coloring Book Volume II, by Jim Gogarty ISBN 9781440595936

Five out of five stars
 There is a significant amount of research indicating that adults that color are better able to cope with stress and lead happier lives. At least some of that research indicates that mandala images outperform other images in reducing the level of stress. A mandala is an intricate pattern that is often circular. In fact, the word mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle.
 This book contains a set of mandala images, nearly all of them are symmetric across the x and y axes. The images are intricate, with a great deal of detail that would require a steady hand to complete without overlap. If you are an adult that enjoys coloring or are in need of stress reduction or both, this is a book that you will find valuable. It is much cheaper than any of the alternatives. With 100 images in this collection, any dedicated reader will be kept busy for some time.

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