Thursday, January 17, 2019

Review of "Busy Days on the Farm Paint Book"

Review of
Busy Days on the Farm Paint Book

Three out of five stars
 This short and very retro coloring book depicts a boy and a girl working and playing on a farm. The series of images has them doing chores and interacting with the animals. There is an odd feature to most of the scenes in that the girl is wearing a dress. Something that no farm girl does when working on the farm. The most absurd image is when the two of them have gone to the barn to milk the cow. I found the image of a girl in a dress milking a cow by hand in the barn quite amusing. Furthermore, one scene has the boy out sweeping the sidewalk while wearing shorts and a tie.
 The images have great detail, with many small sections to be filled in. Making this book a challenge to color, requiring a great deal of dexterity and imagination to turn the sketches into colored images. Animals are an integral part of several of the images and they are depicted as being carefree and content.

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