Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Review of "Russia As I Saw It," by Vern L. Schield

 Review of

Russia As I Saw It, by Vern L. Schield

Four out of five stars

The author grew up in Iowa and is a classic case of the self-made man. He was a talented mechanic and founded Bantam, a company that made heavy construction equipment and was located in Waverly, Iowa. When I was young the term “Bantam” was used to refer to all machines that had a certain form.

 In 1956, after years of effort, Schield was allowed to take a tour of the Soviet Union. At the time, this was a very difficult thing for an American to do. This book is an account of his experiences in what was truly a very foreign land at the time.

 Consistent with the accounts of other travelers of that time period, Schield found the Soviet people extremely curious about Americans. For many, he was the first one that they had encountered. He took many pens with him, and they were a prized possession of the recipients. Even though they could not read the text, the promotional material that he brought with him was pored over by the people he met.

 This is one more demonstration that when people meet, even those under adversarial governments, human curiosity wins out over animosity. An expert on heavy construction equipment, Schield also provides some expert commentary on what he saw in action during his trip.

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