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Review of "National Geographic: Your Best Brain Ever," by Michael S. Sweeney

 Review of

 National Geographic: Your Best Brain Ever, by Michael S. Sweeney ISBN 9781426211706

Four out of five stars

Holistic fitness for brain power

 While reading this book I was reminded of the adventures of “The Man of Bronze”, Doc Savage. He is a fictional character of the 1930’s that dedicated his life to the fighting of evil and righting of wrongs and he is capable of great physical and mental feats. Unlike other fictional heroes, Savage has no superpowers; all of his talents are the consequence of daily exercises that are physical, visual, olfactory, mental and auditory.

 The basic premise of this book is that if you want to keep your mental faculties, you must exercise your entire body, including your brain. It is also necessary to eat a well-balanced diet and avoid the foods such as processed sugar and fats that are known to be bad. Mental exercises are included along with those that move the locomotive muscles.

 Some of those exercises involve identifying scents and noises, along with memory challenges such as crossword and other puzzles. There was nothing in this book that is new, there were news reports decades ago that touted the conclusions that to remain mentally sharp it was necessary to “exercise your brain.” While acknowledging that learning new things such as a language is harder when you get older, the proponents always mention that the benefits from trying were demonstratively apparent. My classmates and I were repeatedly admonished in elementary school to eat fruits and vegetables, so those recommendations in this book have been around for a long time. 

 Although the information in this book is not new, it is still valuable. With an increasingly more elderly population and consequently more people being diagnosed with dementia, fear of suffering from that illness is common. While the cause of Alzheimer’s is still largely unknown, one of the few preventive treatments is whole body exercise and that is what is described in this book.

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