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Review of "Bootlegger’s 200 Proof Blackjack: A Survival Guide for Playing the Tables," by Mike “Bootlegger” Turner

 Review of

 Bootlegger’s 200 Proof Blackjack: A Survival Guide for Playing the Tables, by Mike “Bootlegger” Turner ISBN 9780757000485

Four out of five stars

 A system that will almost work to win

  Unlike gambling games such as slot machines, blackjack and other card games involve a level of skill in playing. While the gambling industry constructs every game so there is a house edge in the play, by implementing simple tactics it is possible to reduce that edge and in certain circumstances shift the odds in your favor. Much of this is simple card counting, for example if two aces are showing, the odds of getting an ace are less than if none have appeared.

 One of the simplest tactics is to keep track of the low cards that have been played, as the dealer odds drop when the remaining cards have higher value. Turner explains this tactic for play involving single or multiple decks. Extensive charts and a removable quick reference card are included.

 Turner also covers some of the less sophisticated ways to win at casino gambling, such as taking advantage of coupons, maximizing comps and trying to find a less competent dealer that inadvertently flashes their hole card. There is a section on how to slow down the play so one has to make fewer bets over time in a casino where you get increased comps the longer you play.

 Unlike some of the more grandiose and wrong gaming strategies that have appeared, Turner clearly states that all the systems for playing blackjack in this book are ways to reduce the likelihood of losing and are not ways to get rich. Most of the techniques in this book can be learned and implemented by all players, so if you are planning a trip to a casino and love to play cards, read this book first. For if you are a really good card player then you no doubt are already using a form of Turner’s system.  

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