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Review of "Night of the Living Trekkies," by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall

 Review of

 Night of the Living Trekkies, by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall ISBN


Five out of five stars

Love of Star Trek won over dislike of zombie genre

 While I am not a fan of zombie stories, I am an addict to Star Trek and Star Wars, so much so that I can often speak the dialog of a show seconds before it happens. It is my interest in the two Star genres that led me to pull this book off the shelf at a used bookstore.

 The premise is that there is a Star Trek convention in Houston and military veteran of the war in Afghanistan Jim Pike is working at the host hotel as a second string assistant. His time in Afghanistan and the death of some comrades when he was absent has turned him into someone that wants to be given no responsibility at all.

 The conventioneers arrive in full Star Trek costumes and an outbreak of death and conversion to zombies takes place that proceeds very rapidly. Nearly everyone in the area is quickly converted except for a few people. Using his knowledge of the hotel, his important passkey and combat experience, Jim leads the group to temporary safety in the hotel and then plans to get out of Houston.

 What made this so interesting to me was the inclusion of dialog and actions from Star Trek as well as Star Wars. The anti-zombie action was of minimal interest as I concentrated on discerning the references to videos in the two genres. The titles of the chapters reference episodes and if you are careful, you can catch a clue as to a plot undercurrent. For example, chapter 24 is “Wolf In the Fold” and chapter 20 is “The Changeling” and both give hints to future action.

 The geek references are a strong inducement to read this book, even if you dislike the zombie story format. I loved it and will brag that I did indeed get a perfect on the Star Trek quiz of command.

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