Sunday, October 23, 2022

Review of "Body Count," movie

 Review of

 Body Count, movie

 Two out of five stars

Plot is unclear and uninspired

 The plot of this movie is convoluted and unclear and much of the action is rather predictable. There are some cops that are corrupt, but it is difficult to determine which ones or what they did. This is not the ordinary hiding of the guilty in order to develop the plot; I never did understand what the guilty actually did.

 Sonny Chiba plays a ruthless hired killer called Makoto that is captured and sent to prison based on the actions of informants and dirty cops. Brigitte Nielsen plays his deadly female companion, and she helps Makoto break out of prison, killing a few guards in the process. The two of them then embark on a spree of tracking down the informants, brutally killing them and everyone else that stands in their way.

Eddie Cook (Robert Davi) and Vinnie Rizzo (Steven Bauer) play two Special Crimes Agents that are involved in the Makoto case and they are foiled over and over while their officer buddies and cooperative street people are killed. A beautiful female FBI agent is assigned as part of the task force and at first she is shunned but then the inevitable happens and after she flashes her buttocks in a sauna, a romance brews.

 While there is a two-track chase scene at the end, it is so cheaply done that it is operationally at the level of a poor network television scene. The martial arts expert Makoto is suddenly incapable of fighting and the crack assassin Nielsen character loses the ability to shoot straight. Even the sex scene lacks real passion and fails to even appear to be spontaneous. I found it to be a boring movie.

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