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Review of "Wonder Woman," DVD starring Gal Gadot

 Review of

Wonder Woman, DVD starring Gal Gadot

Five out of five stars

Different first story of Wonder Woman

 The original story of Wonder Woman (Princess Diana) had her entering the world of humans during World War II and fighting the Axis powers. In this case, the plane piloted by Steve Trevor that crashes in Amazon territory is a German plane that he stole from the Central Powers in World War I. German forces follow the plane and engage in a battle with the Amazonians. Determined to return to his military duties, Steve Trevor convinces Diana that he needs to leave and contrary to their laws, she goes with him.

 Together, they search for Ares, the god of war that Diana is convinced is the driving force keeping the war going. In order to blend in, Diana must adopt more modest clothing and tone down her forceful personality. This generates some humorous moments, one must remember that this is the second decade of the twentieth century, before women could even vote and had few other rights.

 Aided by a bizarre cast of fellow soldiers, Steve Trevor leads his band with Diana in search of the German leader Ludendorff. Diana is convinced that Ludendorff is Ares in human form. Moving behind the lines to a secret military research facility, Trevor’s commandos strive to destroy the German superweapons, which is a deadly gas against which the standard gas masks are useless.

 The battle is ferocious with intense and detailed special effects being used to depict widespread destruction when the superpowered beings unleash their powers against each other in one-on-one combat. Which is of course standard action in the modern superhero movie.  

 Depicted as a very powerful being, Wonder Woman is capable of taking on male gods and defeating them. Fortunately, Steve Trevor does not act like a man of that era, yet the members of the British government do. Diana’s appearance in government chambers is met with intense disapproval. In that way, the movie manages to depict both the earlier and modern eras, which is in keeping with the reason for the creation of the character of Wonder Woman.

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