Thursday, June 23, 2022

Review of "Super Bowl: Pro Football’s Greatest Games and Stars," by Steve Gelman

 Review of

Super Bowl: Pro Football’s Greatest Games and Stars, by Steve Gelman

Four out of five stars

The first Super Bowls defined parity

 When the NFL and AFL merged, the common belief was that it was a combination of two unequal leagues. The more established NFL was considered superior, and that belief was supported  by the two easy victories by the Green Bay Packers over their AFL opponents in the first two Super Bowls. However, that thought was overturned when the New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III and the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

 This book contains brief histories of the first six Super Bowls as well as a brief biography of the stars of each. It is a look back to a time when the Super Bowl was not the incredible extravaganza that it is now. They were important, those first few championship games defined the league, when the supposed upstarts demonstrated that they could play with the big boys. Everyone considered it eventual, just not as soon as it happened.

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