Sunday, June 5, 2022

Review of "The Bobby Richardson Story," by Bobby Richardson

Review of

 The Bobby Richardson Story, by Bobby Richardson

 Four out of five stars

 An underappreciated Yankee great

  Unlike most sports autobiographies, this book is not filled with anecdotes and points of remembrance about games they were involved in. Richardson was a devout Christian during his entire career, so there are many references to that faith and fewer notes about major events in his career.

 Furthermore, the book was written before the major work “Ball Four”, which made it acceptable to write about the reality of baseball life, although Richardson does occasionally mention the temptations. Therefore, in many ways the modern reader will find the book dull when compared to the tell-all aspects of the sports books of the last thirty years. Nevertheless, there was much to admire about Richardson, he was a sound player, both on the field and at the plate and his role in the dominant Yankee teams of his era is often overlooked. His life was a good and honest one, often a rarity among modern athletes.

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