Saturday, June 18, 2022

Review of "Bob Turley’s Pitching Secrets," by Robert Lee Turley

 Review of

Bob Turley’s Pitching Secrets, by Robert Lee Turley

Four out of five stars

Not exactly secrets, just basic advice for young pitchers

 Although the ways in which pitchers are used are quite different from the mid sixties when this book was published, the basic advice has not aged. Turley was a moderately successful major league pitcher with over 100 career wins and a Cy Young Award. Therefore, he certainly knows how to pitch at the major league level.

 The advice in this book is meant for the developing young pitcher. It is based on learning control first, and then working on speed and pitches that bend. He opposes young pitchers working on specialty pitches such as the knuckleball. Turley stresses physical fitness, avoiding alcohol and tobacco and getting a great deal of healthful sleep. He also stresses that it is counterproductive to get upset and angry when things do not go well. Which they will inevitably do at times.

 A book on how to succeed in baseball that has not aged, this is something that all young pitchers can read and derive value from.

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