Thursday, June 30, 2022

Review of "I Love This Game! My Life and Baseball," by Kirby Puckett

 Review of

I Love This Game! My Life and Baseball, by Kirby Puckett ISBN 0060177101

Five out of five stars

Autobiography without the dirt

 There is no question that Kirby Puckett was one of the best baseball players of his generation and deserves his post in the Hall of Fame. Even though his career was cut short due to blindness in one eye, so his numbers will at first glance appear to be weak. This book is an autobiography written while he was still in his prime, before all of the subsequent difficulties emerged.

 The story is about his life in and out of baseball, mostly in. It is written with some level of humility, but not overly so. He recounts many incidents in his baseball life, including his close relationships with others in baseball. Puckett was one of the few modern players that spent his entire career with one team, the Minnesota Twins. Therefore, he had a great deal of time to build up the reciprocal loyalty between a player and the team fan base.

 If you are a fan of baseball in general and the Minnesota Twins in particular, you will enjoy this book. It is generally about baseball only, there is none of the dirty laundry and over-the-top self-serving rhetoric that is so common in the modern books written about sports figures.

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