Friday, June 3, 2022

Review of "Baseball Legends #12: Billy Martin"

 Review of

Baseball Legends #12: Billy Martin, comic by Revolutionary Comics

Four out of five stars

Captures his fiery, unstable personality

 Baseball attracts all personalities, some of which have fiery and unstable personalities. Properly channeled, these characteristics can make the player driven to succeed, even when their skills for the game are not the highest. Billy Martin was such a man.

 This comic is an interesting depiction of his life, from his relationship to his unstable mother to how he interacted with his on-field coaches and managers. His was a volatile life, a legend more for his fighting with so many people in different positions, both in and out of baseball. His track record as a manager was impressive, at least in his first couple of years in a job. However, that initial success was nearly always a flame-out, where his teams dropped off rapidly.

 One of the most interesting characters in baseball, largely due to what he did while not playing the game, Billy Martin tended to antagonize everyone he encountered. This comic captures that personality.

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