Sunday, March 6, 2022

Review of "Stan Lee’s Alexa Volume 1," by Stan Lee et. al.

 Review of

Stan Lee’s Alexa Volume 1, by Stan Lee et. al.

Five out of five stars

Vintage Stan Lee story

 People that have been reading Marvel comics for many years have noted the occasional self-reference in a story. It is where the imagination and creativity of comic book writers is used as a basic plot device. That tactic is used here.

 Alexa Moran is the character of main focus, and she is a talented artist that works for a comic book publisher called the Fantasy Factory. She often pulls all-nighters in order to make the deadlines of a very demanding boss. When a portal to another dimension allows two very large (20-30 feet tall) males to come through along with a human-sized creature. The normal-sized creature is hunting the two large creatures.

 After an initial time of puzzlement, the two large creatures discover that Alexa is the source of the creation of the rift. She is baffled by this designation, after all, “I only draw people with powers, I don’t have them myself.” Throw in an editor-in-chief that wants to use all the action in a new series of comic books and you have a story within a story.

 A fun new comic character formed using input from the legendary Stan Lee, Alexa Moran is a character to watch and enjoy.

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