Friday, March 4, 2022

Review of "Sports Illustrated Book of Baseball," by editors of Sports Illustrated

 Review of

Sports Illustrated Book of Baseball, by editors of Sports Illustrated

Four out of five stars

Basic introduction to fundamental play

 This book is written for the young male with an interest in how to effectively play baseball. Five stars that play at various positions give their expertise in how to do it well. Those players and their subjects are:

*) Harmon Killebrew on hitting

*) Al Downing on pitching

*) Brooks Robinson on fielding in the infield

*) Tim McCarver on the basics of catching

*) Tom Tresh on playing the outfield and running the bases.

 The tips are all sound and to the point. Which is necessary in a book of this small size. While in no way definitive, this is a good book to get the baseball hopeful down the right track.

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