Thursday, March 3, 2022

Review of "Spider-Girl Presents A Next Second Coming," by Tom DeFalco

 Review of

Spider-Girl Presents A Next Second Coming, by Tom DeFalco ISBN 9781435223530

Four out of five stars

A new group of Avengers

 The group of comic superheroes called “The Avengers” were always an odd grouping of personalities and unlike some other groups, the membership was always in a state of flux. Not only did the members come and go, they also often alternately walked on both sides of the good/evil street. Two examples are the Hulk and Submariner, powerful beings that fought with and against the groups of do-gooders.

 This book is not only about a new group of Avengers, but many are the second generation of super beings. They have come together to form a team and they are having some bonding difficulties. Egos and the desire to shine are a common problem and many of them struggle with the demons of their lives. The new Avengers battle some of the old villains such as Loki, a Kree robot and the Hulk, strong villains that are worthy opponents to their great powers.

 One major difference in the depiction of the new Avengers from that of earlier comic heroes is the way the female heroes are drawn. In nearly all cases they have enormous muscles and prominent breasts. American Dream is a female Captain America look-alike with long blonde hair that has muscles and a chest so large that it probably gets in the way when she fights. 

 However, new blood is always a good thing, even in the superhero business and while there is a good deal of continuity with their predecessors, there is enough originality to make the characters interesting and entertaining.



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