Monday, March 28, 2022

Review of "Bone: The Great Cow Race," by Jeff Smith

 Review of

Bone: The Great Cow Race, by Jeff Smith ISBN 9780007244775

Four out of five stars

Silly adventure set in a medieval context

Bone is one of three white creatures, the others are Phoney and Smiley, that are living with humans. The level of economic development is that of the late medieval time and the social setting is a village of modest size. The three white creatures are treated as if they are human, and Phoney is a big-time con artist.

 His first major scam is to enter a mystery cow in the great cow race. That cow is in fact Smiley in a ridiculous cow suit. His major competition is Gran’Ma Ben, a powerful woman that has won many times in the past. Hence, the title of the book.

 There are also appearances by dragons and giant rat-like creatures with long horns like a gazelle. The story is a bit silly as the three white creatures navigate their way through get-rich-quick schemes, a love interest and just working within a society where all others are humans. Many of the characteristics of the humans are exaggerated for comic effect. It is a book that is largely nonsensical, yet fun. One would need a great deal of imagination in order to find a significant social message in this book.

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