Sunday, March 6, 2022

Review of "The Bathroom Sports Quiz Book," by John Murphy

 Review of 

The Bathroom Sports Quiz Book, by John Murphy ISBN 9780940462052

Four out of five stars

Something interesting to go to when you are going

 I was an intense sports trivia fan when I was young, I read and memorized every baseball fact that I encountered. Since I spent a lot of time talking about baseball and other sports with the other kids on my street, it gave me an early advantage. Of course, in order to respond they also started reading books about the history of baseball. It was a great time, our arguments over which player or team was best were laced with facts that included the context of their playing.

 This book contains many of those facts; it consists of a set of ten question quizzes over all areas of sports. The answers to the questions appear on the following page. As is always the case with such questions, there is a wide difference in the level of difficulty. Most sports fans will remember the major events and those specific to their favorite teams.

 The reason for the quiz being ten questions long is that all are designed to be completed during a sit-down bathroom visit. With 50 quizzes, this gives you a month and a half of quality reading material while you are resting naturally. They also will give you quality material to discuss with your fellow sports fans.

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