Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Review of "Batman: Evolution," by Greg Rucka et. al.

 Review of

Batman: Evolution, by Greg Rucka et. al.  ISBN 9781563897269

Three out of five stars

The artwork and presentation theme was a disappointment

 This book is a continuation of the excellent “Batman: No Man’s Land” sequence, unfortunately it is a step down. While the artwork of the NML series was excellent, in this book the coloration is minimal and the lines are drawn much more harshly.

 Gotham City is being rebuilt at a frenetic pace, yet it is split into two groups. The people that stayed in the city are called “OGs” and those that left and have returned are called “Deezees.” There is a great deal of tension between the two groups with people in each group agitating against the other. Criminal gangs based largely on nationality have carved out their respective niches and they often engage in violent actions against each other.

 There is also the presence of a gang that is providing an alchemical elixir that will give a human eternal life. However, it is extremely addictive, must be taken to maintain the longevity and alters your body structure so that you become part animal.  For example, one of the gang members is part king cobra. The leader of the elixir gang and his lieutenants use the hostility of the criminal gangs to incite additional violence so that they can take over the underworld of Gotham City and stopping them is the primary task that Batman is working on.

 While the story has some good qualities, I simply could not overcome the visual theme of the story. It may be that I was spoiled by the previous NML books, but what I saw here left me lacking.

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