Thursday, May 27, 2021

Review of "Superman in Action Comics: The Engagement is Off!" DC Comics

 Review of

Superman in Action Comics: The Engagement is Off!

Two out of five stars

A bad scene with a whiny Lois

 I found this comic difficult to read. The premise is that Lois Lane and Clark (Superman) Kent are engaged. Furthermore, Lois knows that Clark and Superman are the same entity. In other stories involving these two characters, Lois is depicted as a strong, enterprising woman in pursuit of stories, even at the risk of her life.

 However, in this one, she is depicted as whiny and self-centered. The low point is when the two of them are having a serious discussion at Clark’s residence after a previous one was stopped because it was too public. When Superman detects a major crisis and says, “Good Lord! Helicopter gunboats, coast guard vessels, converging on the Bakerline docks! Looks like a war’s about to break out! I’ve got to--” Lois’ response is, “No! We need to finish this! It’s our future Clark! This second! Now! “It could well be the most important moment in our lives together, ever!”

 Lois is depicted as a woman that demands attention, even if it costs other people their lives. Not the intelligent Lois that would pursue a story whatever the cost and is capable of standing up to dangerous situations.

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