Saturday, May 8, 2021

Review of "Classics Illustrated Sea Wolf," by Jack London

 Review of

Classics Illustrated Sea Wolf, by Jack London

Four out of five stars

A bit of Jules Verne and some of the renowned pirates

 Jack London is best known for his stories of the Klondike gold rush, but he wrote about many other things. London was very much a man of the world, he joined a vagabond “army,” served aboard a sailing ship, worked in a cannery, covered the Russo-Japanese war as a correspondent and made a fortune from his writing. The book “Sea Wolf” is based on his experiences with Captain Alexander McLean. known for his cruel discipline while at sea.

 This comic captures the essence of the book, where the men are constantly on the edge of mutiny. Even though Captain Wolf Larsen is cruel, he has a deep philosophical aspect of his disposition and is clearly a learned man. The ship is a seal hunter, they are captured and skinned. It is a brutal and rough business, and the men spend months out at sea in very close quarters.

 I am a firm believer that any path to learning is acceptable and to be encouraged, even the use of comic books. This comic book could be used as a primer to the work of London, a writer that in my opinion is very much underappreciated.

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