Monday, May 24, 2021

Review of "A Glimpse Into the Mind of Charles Swan III," DVD

 Review of

A Glimpse Into the Mind of Charles Swan III, DVD

Three out of five stars

Whacky artist with an old-style problem

 Charlie Sheen plays Charles Swan III, the head of a creative arts company. He is a whacky personality with a great deal of imagination, there are times when it takes control of the narrative. He is also a man going through a bad breakup (for him). His girlfriend found pictures of other women in a drawer and she refused to accept his explanation that they were of former clients.

 Charles goes on a downward spiral as he is desperate to find a way to win her back. Unfortunately, he alternates between extremely bitter tirades and whining, withdrawn sympathy. His work at his creative arts company suffers as he has clients that are waiting for Charles to come up with something good.

 Charles is at times a very unsympathetic figure in that his self-absorbed whining and attempts at a sympathetic reuniting with his girlfriend are difficult to watch. Although Charles is a brilliant artistic talent, he is very mediocre at recovering from emotional setbacks. Yet, at the end he manages to solve a major problem after bringing himself out of his depths of despair.

 Charlie Sheen is probably the best actor to play the role of Charles Swan III, in many ways it mirrors his somewhat unstable persona. Fans of the television show “Two and a Half Men” will recognize many of the personality traits of Charlie Harper. The movie has its moments, but the mind of Charles Swan tends to infect and drag down the minds of the viewers.

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