Saturday, May 15, 2021

Review of "The Night Before Christmas, In Texas That Is," by Leon A. Harris

 Review of

The Night Before Christmas, In Texas That Is, by Leon A. Harris ISBN 0882891758

Five out of five stars

Amusing alteration of a classic poem

 One of the most well-known poems is “The Night Before Christmas,” by Clement Clarke Moore. This is a modification of that poem, altered to reflect the culture and climate of Texas. In general, a sleigh is useless in the arid regions of the state and there is very little snow. Reindeer are nonexistent, except in zoos.

 Therefore, in this poem, Santa arrives on a buckboard pulled by four horses. He is wearing a ten gallon Stetson and cowboy jeans and walks through the front door. The children have hung boots rather than stockings and the last line is “Merry Christmas, you-all!”

 The text is rhyming in a cadence very similar to that of the poem by Moore. Those who have heard the classic will recognize much of the cadence. There are also background features in the images that set the context of Texas. For example, the post of the top bunk has a lariat wound around it. It is a fun book to read, and children will love it.

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