Sunday, May 30, 2021

Review of "Hard Drive to Short," by Matt Christopher

 Review of

Hard Drive to Short, by Matt Christopher ISBN 0590458515

Five out of five stars

A YA sports novel about life

 Once again, Christopher has written a sports book that is more about life than sports. Sandor (Sandy) Varga is a very good baseball player in the youth league, he excels in the field at shortstop and is a very good hitter. He is also reliable and responsible for his age. When his games are taking place on weekdays, he must leave at a precise time in order to be home to watch his younger siblings. Both his parents work, and he must be home before his mother can leave for her evening job.

 Embarrassed by his need to watch his young siblings, Sandy simply leaves without telling anyone on the team the reason for his abrupt departures. This creates animosity from his teammates, and it begins to affect his relationship with his friends and his play on the field. Finally, he explains the situation to his coach and his friends and rather than making fun of him, they all support him.

 Unlike other YA sports books, this one does not climax with a “big game at the end with heroics.” Yet, there is a happy ending as the revelation of his difficulties increases his bonding with his teammates.

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