Saturday, May 8, 2021

Review of "Casino Jack," DVD starring Kevin Spacey

 Review of

Casino Jack, DVD starring Kevin Spacey

The epitome of sleaze in a very sleazy business

 The “industry” of congressional lobbyist is one of the darkest and dirtiest in the land. It is all about influence and face time and is a case of the greenest wheel greases the members of Congress. Jack Abramoff was not structurally any different from other lobbyists, he just was more extreme in his methods and bribes of members of Congress and other government officials.

 This film stays fairly close to Abramoff’s history of lobbying for Native American casinos, lobbying for businesses in the Northern Marianas Islands and directly or indirectly bribing members of the American government of both parties. Kevin Spacey plays the part of Abramoff very well and the supporting cast fill their roles admirably.

 It is a look into the dark side of how Washington actually works, men and women with no real moral or ethical scruples will go where they are allowed to go. What is amusing in the dark sense is how close the ties were between Abramoff and people in the religious right and those that espouse “traditional values.” Those connections are part of this movie.

 Even though he was convicted of felonies and spent four years in prison, Abramoff was convicted more for being excessive in what he did rather than for the actions themselves. A total of 24 people associated with Abramoff were also found or pled guilty to crimes. As Abramoff himself admitted, he was involved in a system of legalized bribery, one that has not really been changed by the massive scandal depicted in this movie.

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