Sunday, July 19, 2020

Review of "Readers’ Favorite Graffiti," by Marina N. Haan, Richard B. Hammerstrom

Review of
Readers’ Favorite Graffiti, by Marina N. Haan, Richard B. Hammerstrom, ISBN 0960453423

Five out of five stars
 The premise of this book is that the contents were gleaned from bathroom stalls, nearly all were discovered somewhere in university buildings. They are short and often witty snippets, sometimes to the point of being hilarious. A wide variety of aspects of the human condition are covered, from being gay, to academic angst to just being frustrated and even mad at the world. In other words, a microcosm of human frailties and emotions.
 Since many were transcribed from bathroom walls, it is fitting that one of the best uses for this book is as bathroom reading. For it is easy to relax the mind and hence the digestive muscles by reading a few pages from this book, making the flow smoother and easier.

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