Friday, July 24, 2020

Review of "The Other Coast: Road Rage in Beverly Hills," by Adrian Raeside

Review of
The Other Coast: Road Rage in Beverly Hills, by Adrian Raeside, ISBN 0740746685

Four out of five stars
Excellent cartoons that often satirize environmentalists
 Since I am a fan of the editorial, satirical cartoon, when I spotted this book in a used bookstore, I had to buy it. Before that, I had never heard of the strip. It features a short man (Toulose) that is an aspiring and failed writer and his wife (Vicky) that is much taller. Vicky is an avid environmentalist, yet her environmental actions often lead to more environmental damage than if she had not done them.
 I am a committed environmentalist, but I always perform carbon-cost research in order to determine the best course of action. One of my greatest frustrations is when I encounter someone that claims to be an environmentalist, but often will produce 20 pounds of carbon in order to save 10. Vicky reminded me of them.
 Many of the frustrations of life are expressed in a sideways and sometimes outsized manner. Everything from dropping a tree the wrong way to contacting an insurance agent when something goes wrong are the topics of specific strips. This is a fun book to read through, the kind that should be available when you have a few minutes to kill and need a distraction.

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