Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Review of "A Guy Goes Into A Bar," by Albert Tapper & Peter Press

Review of
A Guy Goes Into A Bar, by Albert Tapper & Peter Press, ISBN 156731418x

Five out of five stars
 The phrase, “A guy goes into a bar . . .” has got to be the most widely used lead-in to a joke and punch line. As the title implies, the jokes in this collection start with this phrase and use it to set the context. Most of the jokes involve alcohol consumption, but some of them are just about the social context and environment. Typical of books that are collections of jokes, there is a wide variety of quality, much of which is based on personal taste. Some have references to sex but are rather tame in the modern environment.
 If you are a fan of humor in general and the bar joke in particular, this collection will amuse you and maybe at times cause you to lose yourself in mirth.

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