Saturday, July 4, 2020

Review of "Classics Illustrated: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," by Samuel L. Clemens

Review of

Classics Illustrated: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Samuel L. Clemens

Five out of five stars

 The author, better known as Mark Twain, openly stated that the namesake character in this classic story is based on an amalgamation of himself and other boys. Their adventures, some of which were imaginary and others that were quite real, make excellent reading when rendered in the classic Twain style.

 This comic book version of the classic story of Tom Sawyer presents a different form, one that still gets the substance of the story across. I am a proponent of the, “by any means possible,” theory of education, especially of the classics. It is likely that by reading this comic, there will be people introduced to the story of Tom Sawyer that would otherwise never encounter it. Therefore, this is an excellent book, a gateway to one of the classic American stories that should be required reading in the K-12 curriculum.

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