Thursday, July 2, 2020

Review of "Fantastic Voyage: Special Edition," DVD

Review of

Fantastic Voyage: Special Edition, DVD

Five out of five stars

Special effects have stood the test of time

 To some people, this movie was the first where Raquel Welch had a starring role. However, to others it is one of the first where the special effects dominated the storyline. It is a science fiction movie based on the premise that a brilliant scientist has a blood clot in his brain and the only way to remove it is to shrink a submarine and crew, inject them into his bloodstream and travel to the clot, destroying it with a powerful laser.

 Even though the beautiful Raquel Welch plays the only significant female role, this movie predates her position as a sex symbol. She plays a talented scientist, even though she is an assistant. I remember being awed by the special effects when I saw it for the first time, where the bodily fluids and functions are expressed very well. Even though it has been over forty years since the movie was made, the special effects are still impressive. Furthermore, the reader is exposed to some genuine science regarding the human body, a rare feat in a science fiction movie of the sixties. This remains a great movie, time has not passed it by.

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