Sunday, July 5, 2020

Review of "Peter Parker Spider-Man: The New Beginning," 1st Spectacular Issue

Review of

Peter Parker Spider-Man: The New Beginning, 1st Spectacular Issue

A true new thread in the Spider-Man saga

 This is most definitely a new plotline in the story of Spider-Man. Married to supermodel Mary Jane, Peter Parker has hung up his web-shooters and is now a full-time news photographer. Yet, his powers remain intact, so if danger suddenly appears, his spider sense will inform him, he can use his strength and if necessary, still crawl up a wall. All of this allows him to get action shots that no one else could possibly acquire.

 There is a new menace that is called Ranger. The story opens with Peter taking pictures of men in mechanical suits that are breaking the Ranger out of a secure police van. Suddenly, another Spider-Man arrives and defeats the men in suits, but the Ranger escapes.

 Senator Stewart Ward is contemplating a run for the presidency of the United States when some form of electrical phenomenon accuses him of being responsible for the deaths of many people. The Ranger is not bent on being a super-criminal, his goal is to prevent the development of a President Ward. Spider-Man the second arrives to accept battle once again with the Ranger, he succeeds, but only with the assistance of Parker.

 This is an opening story in the classic sense. While it has a conclusion, the storyline and the end result create something of a cliffhanger in that it puts forward many direct and indirect questions.

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