Sunday, July 5, 2020

Review of "The American Indian Wars 1860-1890," by Philip Katcher

Review of

The American Indian Wars 1860-1890, by Philip Katcher ISBN 0850450497

Four out of five stars

A history of personal dress

 While the title suggests that this book is a history of the fighting between the U. S. Army and the Native Americans, that is not the case. The emphasis is on the personal outfitting of the individual soldier, what was worn, the accoutrements of their dress and their personal weapons of battle. There are many photos of individuals as well as groups, with explicit descriptions of what they are wearing, explaining what is according to regulation and what is not. Some of the regulations are quoted in the text.

 The author is clearly an expert in this subject matter, so if you have an interest in what the soldiers at this time and place were wearing, this is the book you should consult.

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