Sunday, December 9, 2018

Review of “My Most Embarrassing Moment,” edited by Eleanor Jacobs

Review of
“My Most Embarrassing Moment,” edited by Eleanor Jacobs ISBN 0898210739

Four out of five stars
  Given that this book was published by the same company that publishes the magazines “Country” and “Country Woman,” it is no surprise that the funny stories all relate to people living in rural areas. While most involve situations that can be understood by urban readers, there are a few that some readers may find incomprehensible. For example, one of the jokes on page 27 is based on the piece of machinery known as a “honey wagon.”
 Most of the events are similar to what one would see on the funniest home videos shows. A man riding a horse chasing down some runaways clad only in his underwear, ripped pants, dresses pulled up when caught on something and mistakes made by women just converted to being a farm wife. My favorite was the one where a woman thought she saw an elderly woman collapse, ran out to rescue her, only to discover that it was a scarecrow dressed in female clothing.
 While these incidents will not leave you in hysterics, there are none that will not generate a grin in the reader.

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