Thursday, December 20, 2018

Review of "Charley Jones’ Laugh Book Magazine," September 1956

Review of
Charley Jones’ Laugh Book Magazine, September 1956

Four out of five stars
 This magazine is a look back at what passed as “dirty humor” in the middle of the fifties. To the modern reader, the jokes will appear very tame, the content could generally appear in any current children’s program. Many of them are not based on sexual innuendo, but on other incongruous circumstances encountered by humans.
 Some of them either are classics or a variation of a classic joke. For example, on page 19 there is one about an absent-minded professor. Facing it on page 18 is one about a man that swallowed his glass eye and the reaction of the doctor that dropped a scope down his throat. There are others featuring people from the country that have traveled to the city.
 Humor has changed dramatically in the last half-century, specifically related to the allowable content and language. The jokes here will not make you hurt yourself in hysterics, yet they will make you smile. A few you might want to tell your younger children.

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