Monday, December 10, 2018

Review of "Graffiti: Those Private Scrawls on Public Walls," by Bill Leary

Review of
Graffiti: Those Private Scrawls on Public Walls, by Bill Leary

Four out of five stars
 The humor in this book is similar to that on the television show “Laugh-In.” Many of the jokes are puns and others are based on current news events. For example, this one appears on the back cover, “Old blondes never fade, they just dye away.” One based on events in the news when the book was published is, “Lester Maddox: There’s a black agitator in your washing machine!!!” Maddox was of course a famous bigot that encouraged whites to attack blacks with axe handles.
 Another that relies on knowledge of current events is, “Sirhan’s defense was freudulent.” To understand this one it is necessary to understand that Sirhan Sirhan is the man that assassinated Robert Kennedy.  While these jokes never rise to the level of “bust a gut,” they are consistent with the rapid-fire humor made popular by “Laugh-In” and will make you grin/groan in response.

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