Monday, December 3, 2018

Review of "Eggbert," Cartoons by LAF

Review of
Eggbert, Cartoons by LAF

Three out of five stars
 The premise of this collection of cartoon jokes is a baby still in the womb. It is fully formed, intelligent and is male. In a few of the cartoons there is a twin sister as well. There is a bit of sexual innuendo in a few of the captions, specifically the one with the caption, “One More Kiss Like That and I’ll Be Having Company!”
 The jokes are all intra-uterine in nature, with a hint of a birth canal in the northeastern corner. They are amusing, although only if you have the right sense of humor. Absent that, you will find them dull and perhaps a bit offensive. The last one shows the baby the moment after birth when it has been spanked to get its’ attention. This book is not for everyone, yet it contains an unusual brand of humor.

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