Monday, December 17, 2018

Review of "Five-Place Mathematics Tables For College Students," by Earle Bigsbee

Review of
Five-Place Mathematics Tables For College Students, by Earle Bigsbee

Five out of five stars
 This book is a look back at one of the main features of a mathematics education before the advent of calculators. At that time, two of the most critical needs for success was a book like this and the ability to read and understand the tables. The values of logs, trig functions and basic operations such as squaring and cubing are all present. Forty-one of the most widely used derivatives and 199 of the most commonly used integrals are also included.
 While technology has rendered this book an obsolete museum piece, I still found it interesting. Even though you may not use it, a glance through it is an exercise in the history of how mathematics was done. It is also an opportunity to pay your respects to the people that computed these values, their hard work made it much easier for the subsequent mathematical generations.

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