Sunday, December 30, 2018

Review of "Frank Gifford’s NFL-AFL Football Guide 1968," by Frank Gifford

Review of
Frank Gifford’s NFL-AFL Football Guide 1968, by Frank Gifford

Four out of five stars
 Written in anticipation of the 1968 pro football season, this book is obviously dated. Yet, it is a look at a season where the outcome fundamentally changed the football perspective. For the AFL champion New York Jets emphatically defeated the favored Baltimore Colts, cementing the upstart AFL as an equal to the more established NFL.
 The book opens with a brief explanation of all offensive and defensive positions, with the exceptions of the kickers. The roles of each of the positions as well as specific modifications that may take place depending on the circumstances.
 The next section contains a brief description of each team, the best players as well as those that are simply ordinary or can be exploited. Along with specific strengths, Gifford’s predictions regarding their chances for success are included.
 Given his years as a football announcer, it is easy to forget that Gifford was a star player for the New York Giants, for some time he held team records for offensive performance in running and receiving. In this book, Gifford relies on the knowledge he acquired as an all-star performer to provide a basic explanation of the pro game of football as well as his perspective on the upcoming 1968 season. He did say that if the Jets stayed healthy, they could go all the way.

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