Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Review of "Facts About the Presidents," by Joseph Nathan Kane

Review of
Facts About the Presidents, by Joseph Nathan Kane

Five out of five stars
This is a book that will be coveted by people interested in the obscure, yet important historical facts about the American Presidents and their associated Vice Presidents. For example, I opened the book at random to a page about William Howard Taft. One of the facts on that page was how the famous cherry trees in Washington, D. C. were first planted. They were a gift from the Japanese city of Tokyo. This was followed by a section describing Taft’s appointment as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
 With so many facts about the most powerful political people in the United States, one can read and reread for hours learning and relearning interesting details about the lives of the American Presidents. While not all of the facts have great significance, all are relevant, for even the small things the powerful do matter to all citizens.

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