Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review of "Your Iowa and Mine," by Gladys Pagel

Review of
Your Iowa and Mine, by Gladys Pagel

Four out of five stars
 The author was at one time the poet laureate of the state of Iowa. While this book of 24 pages contains eleven short sections of her verse, there are also two sections of factual background. The first is called “Iowa is Our Heritage” and is a very brief history (3 pages) of the state. The other is a three page biography of Gladys Pagel, including mentions of her books.
 All eleven items of verse deal with life in Iowa, there is one about the Wild Rose, the state flower and another about the Goldfinch, the state bird. The verse has a great deal of charm to it, especially if you are familiar with the environment of the state. When you read the last one, there is a strong temptation to sample her other works. One can see why she was at one time the poet laureate.

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