Saturday, November 18, 2017

Review of "Father and Son," by Denize Lauture

Review of
Father and Son, by Denize Lauture ISBN 9780399218675

Four out of five stars
 It took me some time to learn the context of the story, I found it on the backside of the title page. It is set in the low country of South Carolina, the home of the Gullah people. When I read that, I took the next logical step and did a search on the Gullah. They are the descendants of slaves that have managed to retain a great deal of their African linguistic and cultural heritage and have invented their own language. It is unfortunate that these facts are not included in the story.
 The structure of the book has a short section of text on the left page and an image of a father and son on the right page. The images show them engaged in a series of actions that are typical of a day in their lives. It is a book that is easy to read and view and would have been far more interesting if the context had been a part of the story. There are many cultural enclaves in the United States and their existence is not often a part of the education of children.

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